Prince Yang of the Sui Dynasty (608 CE) as a young man comes under the spell of a Dark Sorceress. His goodness instantly dissipates, his heart turns black and he is manipulated by the Sorceress who is in search of an ancient Treasure Box, hidden and protected inside the palace. He usurps the throne by recruiting a powerful general and gathering a few hoodlums to have his father, Emperor Wen of the Sui, murdered. The newly installed Emperor Yang meets a wanderer who is a charismatic seer from the Iberian peninsula who arrives to the Court having traveled the Silk Road with adventures along the way. The foreigner is brought to the palace where the Emperor names him Court Magician. From there a deep bond develops between them. The Seer is a spiritual man and announces that he has assigned himself mentor to the Emperor. There’s a bit of goodness deep in the psyche of the tyrannical ruler that the Seer is able to touch. The Magician has visions of the Elixir of Immortality in the ‘Eastern mists’ that excites and mesmerizes the Emperor, but after three unsuccessful expeditions into the Eastern seas, each expedition being more focused and elaborate than the last, the Emperor, enraged, feeling duped, condemns the Magician to death. The Magician springs from the Sui prison in a desperate escape and a hot pursuit follows.

Ultimately this is a story about repentance. One who is steeped in greed, anger and delusion, can he make a turnabout? Can love overcome egotistical drives?

(THE EMPEROR AND THE COURT MAGICIAN is the Prequel to the published middle book: MY NAME IS MAHATAA. Both Emperor and Magician reincarnate in the middle book as different characters. They will again  reappear in the sequel: CRY OF THE DHARMA which takes place in the future in a group karma to bring humanity into the Golden Age. There is a Dark Sorceress who moves through the trilogy in search of the Treasure Box which has been handed down from seer to seer in a matriarchal lineage of The Light.)


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